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Altus Investor provides market data and financial ICT services for banks, listed companies, investor portals etc. Our sophisticated investment monitoring tools and reporting technologies are all designed with perfection in mind.

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Website Investor Modules

puzzleCompanies that provide mutual funds, investment loans, various investor services etc. need to present fresh financial content on their websites. Potential customers value advanced interactive tools that are easy and pleasant to use; an example could be a tool for mutual fund comparison. Furthermore, the modules should look good and fit to the company visual identity

We at Altus Investor believe that our interactive analysis tools, charts and other content modules respond well to the requirements above. Our services are developed together with some of the leading investment banks in Finland. We continue to strive towards excellence in all content solutions.

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Financial Reporting Solutions

manPublishing a mutual fund fact sheet is a good example of a process where both automation and graphics design are involved. However, high degree of automation often spoils the original design. It is no longer reflecting the quality standards of its publisher.

Altus Investor is an expert in PDF server side drawing techniques. We now offer completely automated reporting solutions that are highly faithful to the original draft of a graphics designer. Additionally, our reporting solutions are light, state-of-the-art systems where outdated desktop programs are no longer needed. 

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